Tablet Russian Roulette ….

Well, that was fun.

I have a mobile phone, but I don’t really use it that often – it is supplied and paid for by my work so when I’m off duty, I pretty much ignore it.

In keeping with the above, I ignored a call from “unknown number” earlier and then listened to the voicemail (I love screening calls)

The dulcet tones of my doctor filled my ear as she asked for me to call the surgery asap, I duly responded and was told she had just left for her home rounds.

I’ll explain now that I have regular blood tests for my thyroid, I have hypothyroidism and take thyroxine daily to regulate my metabolism and endocrines.

I asked the receptionist if the call was about my blood test results and she confirmed it was, I asked for those results, only for the receptionist to reply “I’m sorry, there’s a note here from Dr **** asking that you make an appointment to see her as soon as possible”

I started to worry a little, normally these lovely ladies on the end of the telephone give me my 6 weekly results and I either have to see the doctor or happily continue to pop pills.

Sooo …

Que 3 hours of worrying and suffering with hypochondria whilst I waited for my doctor to call back….

She finally did, and informed me that my results were all over the place and she was surprised I wasn’t suffering with a raft of symptoms.

Using my keen detective skills and modest medical knowledge, it transpired that the pharmacist had wrongly labelled my medication meaning I wasn’t taking enough.

Now, a large percentage of people suffer with thyroid conditions so I’m no special case, but what a lot of people don’t know is how the thyroid works.

This bad-boy gland regulates the metabolism, works in conjunction with the pituitary gland and is one of the most important lil fellas in the body.

At the moment I’m using and desperately trying to lose weight, so by effectively giving me 1/2 my meds, my metabolism is only working at 1/2 its capacity.

Thanks Boots Pharmacy! *rolls eyes*

Anyhow …. I have another doctor appointment tomorrow to discuss my lady problems, I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I have a “sad vagina that refuses entry” … I’ll let you wonder.

I’m so pleased that finally my GP is taking my problem seriously. I’m hopefully getting a referral to a specialist, but tomorrow’s visit involves the dreaded speculum*, KY jelly and poke around …. Delightful!

* Always reminds me of daffy duck!


One response

  1. I fucking love you! I belly-laughed out loud!

    “sad vagina that refuses entry”

    Whereas mine is just a “mean vagina that refuses entry”

    Not that I ever mean to make light of your health, you mean the world to me. Great blog! xxx

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