Flapping In The Wind …

So the doctor’s appointment went well, which is a big relief for me as I was incredibly nervous. Sitting the waiting room made me even more anxious.

the torture continued for longer than expected as she was running twenty minutes late.

During the appointment we spent a good ten minutes discussing my problems and what I’d done to rectify it. I have to say I’m really impressed with this GP, over the last four years I’ve seen loads of different doctors who have all seemed very blaise with my problems and basically told me just to relax.

She did her business using the smallest of the Daffy Ducks and it wouldn’t work. I wont gross you out but no amount of deep breathing or relaxing would allow entrance to the party in my pants.

She was so sympathetic and understanding that I came out feeling like a massive weight had been lifted, she is referring me to the specialist.

Being the cynic that I am, I discussed the possibility of being fobbed off by the specialist and she reassured me that no matter what she would help.



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