Can’t Think Of A Title That Goes, So This Will Do! ….

OK, It’s been a few days since I last posted, primarily because I’ve been at work and as such nothing really interesting ever happens there …

However Sunday was a good day. Had a very productive day involving locking up a really nasty piece of work. My file was commended by the head of CPSD (Crown Prosecution Service Direct) and she took time out to write to my boss – which is always nice!

Had a bit of an argument with the Mr at the weekend, involved lack of communication and both of us being really stubborn. It continued right through until around 11pm on Saturday when he received a text from our tenants. A section of plasterboard on the kitchen ceiling sagged and a leak in the bathroom decorated the kitchen floor. Marvellous.

Being an amazing landlord and landlady we got out of bed and drove to the house, on arrival it appeared the girls had unscrewed the shower waste to remove their gunky hair and then hadn’t tightened it up properly! Muppets!! So it was a nice quick fix.

Got home at 2.30am and was in work for 8am! Boo!

Today involved driving around West Oxfordshire with my work partner Andy, I’m gutted he has an interview for another job and might be leaving me 😦  We’ve worked together for years and he really knows me and my personality, working style, sense of humour etc.

I want to convince him not to go and that the grass isn’t greener, but I know that would be really unfair. He recently failed an exam for DC status and it knocked him for six, he’s lost a lot of confidence and seems to want to “jump ship” even though he’s one of the best.

John called whilst we were driving around on our jollies – He started the wallpapering in the kitchen.

My heart rate increased and we bombed it back … Lucky we did really, I got in and the 3 pieces he had put up had more bubbles in than an aero.

I think my face did it, I tried very hard to remain neutral but I had to say something – que the frenzied rip off the wall by John and scrunching it into the bin, once I finished work I came back and cracked on – 3 hours later – beautiful wallpaper. John is impressed. I am the decorator and he is the DIYer. It’s a nice equilibrium.

I shall post a picture of the gorgeous wallpaper on here tomorrow once it’s lighter 🙂

So a boring post – but meh.


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