Mediocre Update …

Decided it’s time I updated this, not much has changed in our household over the last few days, but I’ll post anyway!

Dejectedly I checked my online banking on Thursday  – £0.48, so with the £10 in my purse – I was rich.

Sis and I pootled into town on Friday and mooched around TK MAXX, I saw so many lovely things for my garden, so depressing really considering I had no money.

(I’ll briefly explain why I have no cash, I have a well paid job but I have lots of overheads, mortgage and usual utilities take a large chunk but I’m also paying off what was £60k left by an ex. We had joint credit cards and loans that he decided he didn’t want to pay back, so those paired with his share of the equity for the house in the form of a loan equaled the astronomical £60k.

Me being the mug didn’t think he would piss off to America and leave me in the shit! Oh well, lesson learnt! I’m paying off over £1200 a month just on debt repayments, but hubby and I try to throw as much spare cash at them as we can – should be around 36 months till we’re debt free! I seriously cannot wait!!)

– Talking of garden, that is my project this summer, I want a lovely garden again. Lots of plants and colour, somewhere for me to sit with a nice drink reading one of my many books.

Anyway, back to the pootling, Sis and I then went to Iceland and I spent 5 of my precious pounds on a big BBQ pack, with the gorgeous weather it was rude not to!

It was so hot out that we collapsed by the bus stop home and had a sneaky ice cream, as it was Good Friday the buses were on the Sunday timetable. We had nearly an hour to kill so we sat and discussed how to survive a zombie attack in town, much hilarity ensued when we spotted an old lady that truly looked like the living dead.

Over the weekend sis, hubby and I worked hard in the garden, it looks incredible! We dismantled our cat run at the back and cleaned it ready for ebay, our 13 pussy cats were all too scared to go in it! Such a waste really …

It’s a large 8ft x 6ft run so we now have a nice clean BBQ and fire pit paved and gravelled area at the end of our garden, it’s awesome.

Ooooh mentioning the fire pit makes me smile. I ordered the M.I.L some  flowers for Mother’s Day from Littlewoods (I had a money off voucher). The flowers never arrived!!! So as a sorry Littlewoods gave me a £50 voucher for use on their website – I ordered a massive 24″ fire pit that was £49 so effectively it was FREEEEEEE.

M.I.L was very gracious and we got her a little pressie, annoying that the flowers didn’t arrive, but hurrah for free stuff!

After much hard work the BBQ was lovely, as we went to relax we received a text inviting us to the local pub to celebrate our friend’s engagement.

Taking our last £5 we got there early and ordered a coke to share (seriously). As it was £2.20 we knew we’d have enough for another.

The conversation was awkward to start between everyone, always seems to be the case until the alcohol flows!! What was supposed to be a quick 30 minute catch up turned into a 3 1/2 hour marathon!

Got home and gulped down some squash – having no money meant we couldn’t buy drinks as regularly as the others! Bah!

We really wanted to go to Leicester this weekend, but the lack of funds meant we were unable *sigh*

Today has been a chill day for me, I’ve bought a fresh outfit for the 1930’s night at Dollar Shake in MK, I really hope this is a winner as my original choice arrived from ebay and looks horrendous, far too low cut and too large!

Tomorrow shall be another chill day for Sis and I, hubby will be working.

I’ve just re-read this and realised that the form and structure of my posts is appalling. As a writer I should know better, but you know what? I really don’t care. I’m writing this like I would a diary – SO THERE!


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