The Chop is Booked!


So the haircut is booked, I’m only 2lb away from a stone, so not too bad.

Thursday 5th May … snip snip – having at least 6 inches off.

I know haircuts are commonplace, but I am excited and nervous. I haven’t had a proper chop in almost 10 years.

My hair has been incredibly long for as long as I can remember (bit of a mouthful!), I had 10 inches cut off in January 2004 as I used to be able to sit on my hair. In fact, I had it cut on Channel 4’s  “The Salon” by one of the stylists just before I joined the force;  That was an interesting day, I took a good friend at the time who had massive mahoomas, she got to spend the trip in the jacuzzi. Needless to say Channel 4 had a lot of shots of her hoo-hoo’s airing at 6pm that night! I think I might even have the VHS somewhere ….

I’m definitely going for the design in the other post. It’s versatile, I can curl it, straighten it and wear it long without it being too short, I’ll still feel nice and girlie too.

As it’s payday I trotted into town and walked around Superdrug, Savers, Wilko’s and Boots looking for that specific non permanent hair dye – NONE of them had what I wanted in stock!

Why not? I would have thought semi-permanent hair dyes would be extremely popular but it seems not, so I’ve ordered 2 lots from Amazon. Being the impatient madam I am, I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime – just have to remind myself to cancel it in a few weeks otherwise it’s £49!!! F*ck that!!


So pleased it’s payday, I finally have some money in my account. I’ve decided I shall try and be super frugal this month, we have to buy some plants and the rest of our internal doors, but I’m definitely not going to fritter cash away.

My mini challenge is to have £50 in my account by payday – We shall see! I don’t know how realistic that is, but I consider myself a savvy shopper and I do prioritise and list my outgoings.


As I’m writing this post I’m browsing through the Daily Mail online (I know it’s full of cr*p, but it’s one of the only unblocked news sites at work!) Now, I consider myself a bit of a royalist, I do like the royal family – especially the Queen and Prince Phillip. However I cannot get enthused about the upcoming nuptials of Wills and Catherine.

She is an extremely pretty girl, but I find her a little too polished IYSWIM. The bleached teeth, face full of makeup (albeit subtle) and the dramatic weight loss just sadden me, as sign of the times I guess. Constant media interest and scrutiny would crumble even the most confident of people. So I wish the couple the best of luck in their marriage but I shall not be watching the nuptials.

Random thought just popped into my head – I wonder if secretly Mrs Middleton has given Catherine a sneaky little high five or if they have shared a knowing smug smile. Every girl dreams of being a princess, but she gets to be Queen!!! (One day).


Looking forward to this weekend, I shal l finish cleaning up the cat run – it sold today on ebay for a magic £115! This cash will more than pay for the rest of the stuff for a garden 🙂 Good times!


Saw “Fast 5” at the cinema last night, just brilliant! I love all genres of films but I have a huge soft spot for Vin Diesel. He’s not the greatest actor but I love his smile and physique – he’s a lump of manliness!

The fight scene between Vin and The Rock was immense! Just perfect!!

I really hope that if they do another they keep the standard as high as this one and No.4 (hubby and I pretend 2 and 3 don’t exist – just terrible). I’ll admit I got a little misty eyed when I saw Dom Toretto with the female cop Elena.



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