Ok, I Lied …

I watched 60% of the wedding; I just had to see the Royals arrive and Catherine’s dress.

I must admit, her dress is/was stunning, a real nod to Grace Kelly. I wouldn’t mind her tiara either! Lent by the Queen it must be worth a few quid!

Only criticism being her makeup … If the reports are true she applied it herself and on the TV it did look harsh, she is a pretty girl though and I hope some of her good genes are passed onto their future children, I realised today how damn fugly Prince William is, he used to be the good looking one but he is turning into a clone of his dad!

Harry on the other hand looked quite handsome, I love his “can’t be bothered” attitude and the fact he seems quite “normal” for a Royal!

Watching the build up made me a bit emotional, reminded me of my wedding day and yes, again I got misty eyed (what is it with my emotions recently!!) John and I have been married for nearly 3 years now, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. I love my husband more now than I did then, my gorgeous man 😀

I have a grump today, B&Q had a special 15% off offer so I reserved 2 internal doors yesterday and went to collect them from Northampton today. Got there and an assistant told me that they hadn’t been reserved and there were none in stock!!!!

I began to play the shitty pissed off customer and the store arranged for them to be delivered once stock had arrived, gave me free delivery, 15% off and a further £20 goodwill gesture, so not too bad – just a wasted drive!



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