Falling off the Wagon

I’ve had a great weekend, nice and relaxing. The in-laws came over and we did some DIY, which is always nice.

Our french doors are finished, the kitchen walls and woodwork all painted and the cupboards all tidied (courtesy of the Mr). Just got our Ikea trip to go later in the month! Get the curtain pole, broom cupboard and frame for my 12 colonies of Kobol poster – Eeeek!

Am having problems with my calories though, I seem to be snacking too much and just can’t stop myself! Probably the reason why I’ve only lost 1lb in 2 and a bit weeks, but I just don’t know what to do … It isn’t like we have a house full of nice things either! *Sigh*

I’ll be better next week – promise!

It’s slightly annoying that the Mr has lost more weight than me, he seems to have more “nice things” too and goes over his allowance more often, but if he wasn’t losing weight I know he would give up, so maybe it’s a good thing!

We’re so looking forward to our week off work! We had planned to go and see a host of films on Wednesday at the cinema but most of the ones I wanted to see have already finished 😦 😦 So that idea has gone, instead I think we’ll use the cash and buy the rest of the Arnie films we are missing on DVD. I think we totted them up to be around £45, I don’t think we’ll bother with the Batman movie as it was terrible!

Talking of terrible, I’m currently watching “The Bounty Hunter” … It’s a rubbish movie and I’m very disappointed 😦 I love Gerard Butler but this is just too cliched and is practically a “made for TV” movie just with well known actors!

Just seen a bony Jennifer Aniston’s chest … Gross.


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