Had The Chop!!!!

So I did it! I had my hair cut last night, if I’m honest he took a little more off than I thought he would, but it looks so different! I’ve gone for something similar to the picture in my other post, but had a few layers put in.

I keep flicking it and running my fingers through it, I’ve had 10 inches off the bottom, so it really is a big deal!

We’re off out tonight, so I’ve bought a shower cap! I don’t want to have to blow dry it this evening – just use the straighteners!

Nothing else to really report this week, had a nice week off work so just lazed around. Hopefully got an Ikea trip on Monday, will be getting most of the stuff for the kitchen (apart from the table – that’s next month) Can’t wait to get my BSG poster up, it really is a thing of beauty and a labour of love for me. I ebayed a lot of old stuff to be able to afford it!

My lack of weight loss has annoyed me this past week, it has slowed down to a snail’s pace and it’s very frustrating 😦 DISLIKE!

Nothing else to report, if there is – I can’t remember what it is.


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