If you are squeamish or a prude, don’t read. I’m writing about anatomy, problems and feelings at the moment. I know this is fuel to some of the nosy ones out there – but don’t complain to me if you’re shocked or can’t look at me in the eyes when we next see each other! You have been warned.

I am very happy to speak to anyone confidentially that is suffering with any similar problems.

So I had my hospital appointment today, I can’t believe how quickly it came through. NHS on top form! Bravo!

I finished work early , came home, showered and drove to the Horton, some kind soul gave me their parking ticket – which saved £2. Good start.

Got in and read loads of old magazines, I love the trashy “my daughter ran off with my man” “I used to eat 100 pies a day” type stories, however after waiting for over 90 mins (above and beyond my original appointment time) I was extremely anxious and close to tears.

I sat there texting my sis feeling like crap, worrying they wouldn’t take me seriously and picturing the next 5 years being as painful and low as the last 5.

My appointment was supposedly with Mr Akrong, but I got called in by a tall willowy stunning blonde lady who didn’t actually introduce herself but I saw her ID badge “Dr Irene McCloud”.

She. Was. Fab.

I explained everything to her in detail and she asked lots of questions, I told her all about my self help remedies and she approved, which is nice. (I’ve been worried that they would tell me off for trying to self diagnose).

Examination time was painful (no surprise there) and she had a strap on torch on her head, a thousand mining jokes ran through my mind and I allowed myself a small smile.

She went and grabbed Dr Wookie  – I swear these names are real! Dr Wookie is a skin specialist and she had a look around too, nothing more awkward than having two people staring intently at your vagina. **Awkward**

OK, Big shock time …. I am missing parts of my lady garden!!!! :O

I laughed out loud when she told me as I was really shocked.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to be grossed out …

I have no labia minora, Dr said it appears I did have them, but they have gone, she thinks I might have a condition called Lichen Sclerosus.


Basically a rare skin condition that is believed to be an auto immune disease, whilst it is rare, apparently a 1/4 of the suffers have a thyroid condition which would make sense for me.

She also said that this would have caused the scar tissue around the posterior fourchette, this is what causes a lot of the pain during sex. Imagine a thousand razor blades slices at the entrance and you come close.

To top it off – I also have a very small vagina, lovely.

I have a blood test booked for first time tomorrow morning and will be having the following tested:-















Several different diagnoses were discussed, apparently there is a strong possibility I am going through the early menopause, I have a lot of the symptoms but they cannot be sure as the symptoms mirror my thyroid condition.

I could also be diabetic, but that wouldn’t explain a lot of my symptoms.

I have a fasting blood test tomorrow morning and should find out next Wednesday if things are OK, fingers crossed for me please.

My next appointment is the 22nd June at 4.40pm, Dr Irene will discuss the steps forward and I’ll be referred to Dr Cooper at the JR who specialises in problems with the vulva.

So what are my symptoms?

Tiredness, low libido, dryness, tightness, pain on entry, up and down moods, no periods (well, I’ve had 2 in 8 months) IBS, stabbing pains and deep pelvic pain.

This has been going on for 5 years and I am exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I don’t think I can take much more of it and recently I’ve been anxious and tearful over the problem. It’s starting to effect my day to day programming.

The thought of the menopause has washed over me, whilst there is a high probability, I honestly don’t feel that it has happened. If it has, and we still have a chance, John and I will be having a child very soon. I really want to be a mummy and the thought of losing this opportunity is too mind blowing to comprehend. Adoption is a possibility, but not our first choice. I don’t want to consider the idea of being an old childless couple either!

BTW this entry wasn’t posted on FB .. Whilst I’m happy for the world to read my blog, I’m not advertising my problems *down there* 🙂 


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