10 day wait …


If you are squeamish or a prude, don’t read. I’m writing about anatomy, problems and feelings at the moment. I know this is fuel to some of the nosy ones out there – but don’t complain to me if you’re shocked or can’t look at me in the eyes when we next see each other! You have been warned.

I am very happy to speak to anyone confidentially that is suffering with any similar problems.

So I had my blood test this morning, I woke up to the excited miaows of Bruce at 5.45am and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Pootling downstairs I put the kettle on and then dejectedly switched it off again, no fluids or foods allowed until needle time.

Why is it that I wake up early on the only day I can’t have a cup of coffee???

I stayed awake last night till about 1am contemplating the appointment, I’m trying not to worry but it’s difficult. I am pretty sure it isn’t the early menopause, but the nagging doubts are still there, especially the fact I still haven’t had a period since February and the symptoms are so blooming similar!

It would be a cruel twist of fate from Mother Nature should it be the case.

John and I discussed briefly last night what we would do, but to be fair, there is no point talking about it until I have the blood test result.

The other discovery though is far more amusing, I’ve discovered I have a morbid fascination now of looking online at pictures of vaginas and comparing them to mine. I can’t help it.

I’ve only told one person at work, my shift partner Andy. We had a little chuckle today and he cheered me up. Everyone else keeps asking about the appointment but I politely told them that once I know, I’ll tell them. They aren’t a gossipy lot and I know it’s because they care and have seen me get so down about it that they ask.

So anyway, a 10 day wait for the results – So much for next Wednesday! Try the week after! Apparently the only thing they didn’t test for was anti-coagulants in the blood (blue topped vials) I know I don’t have any clotting problems anyway as my siblings and I were tested years ago.

Nurse was nice, remarked on my Tiffany ring which cheered me up, meant  I could be all soppy about John and New York again 🙂

6 vials filled, vampire nurse allowed me to leave.

Please forgive me if I’m all neurotic and whiny until I know my results. It’s a nail biting time for me!!


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