Piggy by career, piggy by nature!

Eurgh, today has been another can’t be bothered day.

I’m still being very good and tracking all my calories on http://www.myfitnesspal.com and I have rarely gone over my allowance, but the food I have been eating has all been crap.

High fat, low fibre, you get the picture.

I haven’t lost any weight in a while either, stuck on 15lb … Need to drum up the motivation and start exercising more. I don’t know why I bother to type this, it’s pretty obvious. If I burn more than I consume, I’ll lose weight – but why are the bad foods so damn tasty???  😦

I’ve also become very bad again at taking my medication. I have a cute little pillbox as well but I haven’t used it in a few weeks, had better things on my mind!

New day tomorrow, Let’s hope it improves!


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