Do I expect too much from people?

Just sitting here wondering if my expectations are too high surrounding people and their interaction with family, their morals, ethics or even just their conscience.

I’ve spent the day with John cleaning and painting his brother’s bedroom, why I hear you ask, well his parents are looking to sell and the estate agent comes around tomorrow to take photographs for the particulars.

John and I visited on Sunday and his brother had failed to tidy his room in any way shape or form. Clean and dirty clothes strewn over the floor and sides, piles of rubbish such as old magazines, food packaging and wrappers scattered around and a distinct smell of the pet rat. It was gross.

Things like that make me very angry.  His brother was well aware that the estate agent was coming on Tuesday, he’s known for a while. He did a  half hearted attempt at painting resulting in throwing some white paint at  dark blue patches and that was it.

His excuse? He  has been “revising” for re-sits at university. Now, I’ll never EVER scoff at someone who wants to better themselves and enrich their mind with learning, but I fail to believe that in the last 2/3 months that the parents have been talking about selling and moving he hasn’t had a spare 6 hours to clean his room and paint it.

6 hours. That’s how much of my life I wasted today cleaning up his crap.

6 hours. He could have spent an hour a day less on his beloved VW beetle restoration and actually done something productive and thoughtful for his parents.

To make things worse, he doesn’t contribute at all towards the upkeep of the house, he pays no rent, does no housework has overtaken the garage with his restoration and has the audacity to moan at his parents if things are not to his liking.

I understand that he has a part time job and doesn’t have much of an income, but neither do his parents. He could easily run a hoover around, cook dinner once in a while or heaven forbid actually clean his pigsty of a bedroom – any thoughtful gesture is worth just as much as money!

I’m sorry if this comes across as mean, but I am fuming.

So John and I went over for 8.30am this morning, repainted his bedroom white and threw all his junk into 3 boxes. We scrubbed the floor and hopefully have rid the room of the rat smell.

I stress to add, I did NOT spend my day off helping him, I did it for John’s mum and dad.

I am now tired, aching and grumpy.


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