Waste of Time


If you are squeamish or a prude, don’t read. I’m writing about anatomy, problems and feelings at the moment. I know this is fuel to some of the nosy ones out there – but don’t complain to me if you’re shocked or can’t look at me in the eyes when we next see each other! You have been warned.

I am very happy to speak to anyone confidentially that is suffering with any similar problems.


So I had my follow up appointment today with the specialist at the hospital.

First off – completely different consultant, not good.

Cutting a long story short, She told me that the hormonal profile hadn’t arrived from the lab, so she couldn’t update me today.

I pointed out that my GP had called me a week prior and told me the blood results over the phone, she flicks through my notes, me – reading upside down points out the hormonal profile. She stops, reads and then looks up with a stupid smile.

She confirms the FSH and LH have a 2:1 ratio indicative of PCOS (no shit, I knew that from years ago) and my testosterone levels are high.

She told me she wanted an ultrasound booked in before going any further.

I asked her if the PCOS is responsible for the other symptoms – dryness, tightness etc and she replied “No”.

So I asked if I was going to get my referral to Dr Cooper at the JR (as promised to me on the last appointment) and she replied with “No, we need to get this sorted first”

Very frustrating, I went to my GP and the hospital primarily with the issues surrounding the painful sex, the tightness and dryness. THIS IS THE PROBLEM THAT UPSETS ME THE MOST!

I understand that not ovulating and fertility problems are also very important, but do they not understand that whilst they drag their heels sorting this problem out – I cannot engage in sexual relations? Do they have any idea how frustrating that is? Not just to me, but for John as well????

I was looking forward to receiving some more information on the lichen sclerosus, I was hoping to get some of the treatments that we had discussed sorted, but no. Nothing.

Why can’t the NHS investigate two problems at once???

She’s also booked a load of other blood tests

THYROID ANTIBODIES (Why they are doing this I don’t know, considering I have had an underactive thyroid for 10 years)



and some other one that I can’t read on the form.

She didn’t even explain to me what these blood tests are for. I’m having to google and I’m none the wiser.

So, I now have to wait for another appointment in 8 weeks, once I have had an ultrasound of course – heaven knows when that will be.

I’m really annoyed at the slow blaise attitude of the doctor today, I don’t want to see her again.

I don’t get depressed or frustrated often, but I’m feeling very emotional right now.


2 responses

  1. Write a complaint to the primary healthcare trust and go back to your gp and explain how you were treated stating you want another referral or a second opinion. We don’t have to just take the crap they dish out. Claim you have no confidence in this woman; she obviously didn’t read your results or prepare before you walked in the door or she’d have seen them, she sounds terrible. Have a hissy fit at the gp and tell them it’s affecting your mental health! If you want any help you know where I am. Xxx

  2. I just don’t know why they didn’t do these blood tests at the same time as the other ones? I understand the delay in the ultrasound etc – but her lack of preparation was inexcusable.
    If my surgery hadn’t already called me, I would probably have gone away from there none the wiser and wasted another few weeks till the next appointment …
    Didn’t help that she was foreign either.
    Wish I had seen the same lady as last time! She was fab.


    If they muck around again I will complain.

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