Lack Of Posting = Busy Busy Busy!

Just thought I’d check in again, it’s been 10 days since my last post.

The last ten days seem to have flown by, so I’ll recap as best as I can!


After my terrible appointment with the consultant, things didn’t really improve from there. We bought our new dining table and chairs on Thursday night (yay!)


Initially we wanted the “fusion” style from Ikea :-  .




But when we got there, we decided on this :-

with these chairs,

the chairs were on offer, so overall we got an extending table and chairs for about £40 less than the first choice – bargain!


I love buying new things, and I adore Ikea – so it was a great shopping trip! It took FOREVER To build the chairs though as one of the screws rounded off in the hole just as  I realised I had put it together wrong … It took me almost an hour to work it out and re-assemble.


So we put it all in place in the dining room and have yet to use it properly! Reckon we’ll have a “gaming night” soon though and put it to good use! Time to dust off the D&D or maybe even “Risk” – exciting!!


Friday morning arrived too quickly, and things went downhill. 5.45am and John wakes me up with “There’s no hot water”

45 minutes of fiddling with the boiler by checking pressure, filling loop, valves, master reset etc etc and I couldn’t find the problem.

Casa de Smith became Casa de Skanks … No showers were to be had, cold water wash only …

Got to work feeling paranoid that everyone would point and grimace at my greasy roots, not a nice feeling.

Andy gave me his plumber’s telephone number, he was great and came out that afternoon – apparently a small rubber diaphragm had a minuscule hole that had caused the problem. I googled the rubber diaphragm kit and the general pricing was around £10.50. Plumber total cost £92.40. I am in the complete wrong career!!

The sooner we clear our debts and John can retrain to be a plumber the better!! Still, less than £100 and we had hot water restored in less than 24 hours, so the trade off was ok.


I worked the weekend, not much occurred until Sunday afternoon. Our tenants called John as the kitchen sink tap had broken, another unexpected £62.99 sucked out of our bank accounts into the black hole of Coalville. We drove up, fixed the tap and drove back in less than 3 hours, I like to think we are a responsible landlord and landlady!


To make things worse – Sunday night Boo was very grumpy and lethargic. He yowled as I stroked him which worried me as he is usually very loving and purrs constantly. He just didn’t want any fuss so I thought he was just a little off.

Monday morning arrived and Boo was no better, he refused to let me cuddle him and hissed and growled at me again. I decided to call the vet from work and I described the problem; Vet wanted £120 just to meet me at the surgery and I felt terrible but I told him I couldn’t justify that cost on top of consultation and treatment.

Vet was lovely and completely understood, on his advice we left Boo alone and made sure no one else could get to him, it became a countdown until Tuesday morning! Bloody Bank Holiday!!! Vet reassured me that he wouldn’t get any worse as we both agreed it seemed to be an abscess that hadn’t burst (fighting with the other cats)

Monday night Boo was hardly moving, his breathing was so slow and he hadn’t touched his food or water. We checked his hydration levels and he was still hydrated – phew! I couldn’t sleep though, every few hours I was checking on him to make sure he was still breathing.

Tuesday morning – straight to vets first thing! Diagnosis was correct, the vet lanced the abscess and drained the foul smelling goo out. Boo was prescribed a host of antibiotics and painkillers but almost immediately he was back to his old self, purring and desperate for fuss.

So far so good, almost a week later and he’s healing nicely and a big cuddly fur ball again 🙂 love my baby man!


Rest of the week dragged by, poor John has been suffering with really nasty migraines so he went to see the GP on Friday, he’s got to have a raft of blood tests to rule out diabetes, thyroid issues and some other stuff. Not nice.


Weekend was all good, Saturday morning we visited tank cottages in Rugby


John’s mum and dad are quite interested and yup, I got super excited too! So much potential!!!! Fingers crossed their house sells quickly and they can move!

Saturday afternoon we visited Anna and Jeremy for some DIYing and BBQ-ness.

Saturday’s DIY involved John hanging the utility door, it took ages. Old rotten wonky frame = a very cross John! Eventually he sorted it though although the perfectionist in him wasn’t happy, but we’ll sort out the aesthetics at a later date.

Sunday (today) we started some tiling in the utility. Even 1/3 of a wall looks great and I can really picture it finished now!!


We finished quite early though, I didn’t feel well as … wait for it … I’ve FINALLY had a period! First one in 5 1/2 months!!! I’d been suffering with sharp stabbing pains in my ovaries for the last week, but I honestly thought they were psychological – what with all the appointments and tests – obviously not though!

In a bizarre way I’m quite pleased Aunt Flo has come to visit, does this mean I’ve ovulated? First time this year if so!

Let’s hope there are more of these visits eh?


With that, I’m signing off. Ciao!









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