Life Was Put Into Perspective Today – Please Read


I’ve been suffering with bad headaches recently, add my already mentioned problems and I’ve not been very well and yes, I have and do feel sorry for myself.

Even as I type today my head is throbbing and I just want to go to sleep – even though it’s only 7.45pm!


So earlier at work I received a link to an inspirational blog by a 15 yr old girl suffering with terminal cancer. Alice Pyne.

Her blog is here :-

She is such a beautiful,eloquent and upbeat girl that she really puts me to shame. I couldn’t help but shed a little tear for her earlier when I read her full story here :-


Her “bucket list” is full with such simple yet fun things, she doesn’t ask for much but her biggest wish is that everyone who can registers as a bone marrow donor, such a small thing and if everyone who could did it – Her life might have been saved.

When I list my problems compared to hers, I so feel guilty and a bit pathetic.

I made a promise to myself to write to her via the post pals, and hopefully a few other children as well.


Please take the time out to have a look at her blog and possibly post pals.


If you could consider becomin a bone marrow donor as well all the better







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