Happiness x 4. Good Times.


Ok, after reading how badly a friend’s day has gone I feel a little bad writing this, but today has been a good day for 4 reasons.


1. 2 people commented on my weight loss today. First incident goes …

Dave B: “Morning Sam, you’re looking good – have you lost weight?”

Me: (delighted) “Well, just a little … a stone”

Dave B: “Me too, it’s taken me a year to lose mine.”

Me: “Annoying isn’t it?”


2nd person.


Steve B: “Sam, Sam!”

Me: looks up from reading “Oh hi Steve.”

Steve B: “Just wanted to ask you, have you lost loads of weight recently? You’re looking great.”

Me: “Oh just a stone, still got 2 1/2 to go”

Steve B: “Just didn’t want you thinking I was staring at you earlier, was trying to figure out what it was and you are looking great”.



So that was the first good thing ….


2. Aunt Flo is properly here – HURRAH!!! 1st time this year and it is a PROPER one!


3.  Hubby is getting me an Ipad 2 via Dom, works out a great deal – AM SO FRAKKIN’ EXCITED!!!!! ❤ MY MAN!


4.  I’ve been writing and writing now for a week in the evenings, I’ve used spider diagrams, time lines and started back stories and secondary stories. I’ve started writing A, she is a pivotal character later in the story. Feeling brave, I read a section out to John last night and he went quiet and said “Well, it’s not exactly Harry Potter is it, it’s very dark.” Made me feel great actually, as would never EVER want anything I write to be compared to JK Rowling! Ha ha!

Also sent circa 4k of  A’s story to a friend, she liked it and to quote “When he produced the band, I wanted to kick him in the balls” – now this is EXACTLY the reaction I want. There is a character I want to be detested above all others – So it’s working! HURRAH!



Overall … Good times!





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