Roundup Of The Last Week

So then, I’ve been on the tablets now for just over a week. For the first few days I didn’t notice any side effects, but about four days ago I woke up to incredibly sore boobs. I could barely touch them and the soreness has continued right through to today. I also can’t fit into any of my bras properly so I think they are a bit swollen, hormonal obviously but sheeeesshhh! I’m already an 34 E/F cup (depending on cut) … I don’t want them to get any bigger!!!

Last couple of days I’ve been quite ill as well, really bad nausea and I’ve hardly been able to eat. Again, I think it’s related but I can’t be sure.

In the last 48 hours I’ve had … a mcflurry, a flake, an alpen bar and 5 prawns … I tried to have some mcdonald’s fries but had to give them away and I couldn’t manage any toast either … Chewing just takes up too much effort.

Doesn’t help I have a sore jaw as well! GRRRR

Oh, and to top it off – back to work tomorrow for 7 days in a row!!

I’ve been able to do quite a bit of work on my story this week, not so much writing but more editing based and tying up loose ends, as well as adding in a few twists and turns. I’m happy with it so far and have about 20k to write, and then the major re-write and edit.

So that’s it, my week in a nutshell … Fantasy world building, sore boobs and prawns.


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