Doldrums: A State Of Inactivity Or Stagnation

This last week has been much of a muchness. I usually find my life morphs into a hazy blur when I start my seven day stints. 8-6 for seven days just turns me into a zombie.

Unfortunately at the moment our office is suffering with work “underload.” I guess this can be seen as a good thing, it means that couples and families aren’t assaulting, stalking or raping each other and that means less prisoners for me to deal with, however it also means that the whole Domestic Abuse team (circa six detectives) are sitting around with very little work to do.

Last week I had about two hours work each morning in the form of risk assessments, but then nothing. No files to complete (I’ve upgraded them all for court already), no outstanding statements or actions (already done) – there is nothing to do.

Frustratingly, the powers that be also refuse to allow us to take on “standard risk” cases, those minor assaults or offences because … wait for it … “It’s not our remit.” … Seriously, I am a police officer, preventing and detecting crime is my remit. If I am sitting at my desk for six hours of the day then surely, I can help out another department with the lower level domestic offences??

I’m not playing the holier than thou card, sometimes it’s lovely having a day to just relax and get everything in order, I’d be lying if I said I hated it, but at the moment the slow times are outweighing the busy times and I fail to see how we can justify our existence as a “specialised unit.” … I hope that with the imminent change in structure to our team and office with the “hub” we will take on more work else I can see months and months of tedium ahead of me!

Outside of work, I haven’t really done much. We saw Captain America Wednesday night with two good friends, I really enjoyed it. The balance of superhero campness and wit was just right. I’m now really excited about the Avengers movie – roll on May 2012!!! I felt a little bad because it was a night when I was supposed to see some other friends but I had to weigh everything up and go with the flow. I won’t bail on the girls again.

The weekend flew past me in another blur, saw J and Anna Saturday night / Sunday morning. Initially the plan was to DIY but instead we got to eat Anna’s yummy food and watch a movie … Perfect!

Sunday afternoon for me involved sofa laziness and The Tudors Series 4 on DVD … Boobs, minge and willies … Perfect!  I am a little bit of a perv, I love watching loosely veiled soft porn like this and Spartacus (the Starz show)

I have one more day off before work, so I will definitely knuckle down and get some writing/editing done. I’m so close but I’m losing faith yet again, I don’t know why. My self confidence has always been fragile and I really doubt my ability to pull off a readable and enjoyable story.  I have no delusions of grandeur and I don’t for one second believe I will walk into the publishing world and get a book deal, but it’s worth a shot surely?  I dunno. Tomorrow I’ll probably feel a lot more positive and crack on.

What else? Not much really. Read some books, none of them worthy of reviewing, just kindle freebies. Oh wait, there is one. The Black Prism by Brent Weeks … AMAZING! Just as good as his “Night Angel” trilogy … Muskets and magic!!! Perfect! – I’ve written a review on Amazon, so I won’t bother cut and pasting or copying it here – but I definitely recommend!

Diet is going badly, I’ll start again soon. I’m still getting to grips with these new meds, so once all my hormones have levelled out – I’ll get back on the wagon!

I had my first wave of hormonal emotions the other day, so I think things are working, fingers crossed for me people – please!!!


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