Further Education … Food For The Brain!


So my Open University (OU) course books arrived the other day … *GULP* … It’s suddenly become real and I do wonder what I’ve signed myself up for.

Of course I know, AA100 “The Arts Present and Past” … a 60 point Level 1 course and my first steps to an English Language and Literature degree.

I think I’m finally at the right place in my social and work life to progress with education. Until now, there has always been something blocking my path. Finances, emotional, health problems or just simply having no time!

However earlier this year I set myself a group of goals, some of you were privy to them, but they involved weight loss, finishing my book among others.

Work has reached a perfect equilibrium; I work with a group of great people, I have an understanding Sgt (even if he does fly off the handle sometimes!) and I am happy and secure in my job role. I realised that I have nearly spent 5 years in domestic abuse but given the current financial climate and police cut backs there aren’t going to be any jobs in other areas for a while, it’s for this reason as well I’ve decided not to do my Sgt’s exam.

Once passed, the exam can be “banked” for 5 years, but if you don’t go for promotion and become a substantiated Sgt in that time … You have to do it all again.

There aren’t going to be any good promotion prospects in the next few years, Sgt’s won’t be promoted up to Inspector (money money money!) so I definitely think I’m doing the right thing and waiting for the time being at work.


… But that doesn’t mean I can’t progress educationally at home does it! English has always been (I think) my forte and I enjoy reading, writing and analysing so I took the plunge and registered.

Here’s a pic of my course books – I apologise for the low quality, my iPad hasn’t got the best camera and it was taken late at night with just the ropey dining light on!




Wish me luck!!! Course officially starts October the 1st!!!


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