And … Relax!

Most delightful, I have 2 mid-week days off work before I start my7 in a row again.

The kids are back in school, people are at work and it’s so quiet and relaxing. I’ve considered 9-5 Monday – Friday jobs in the police, but really, they don’t appeal to me, my days off would be the same as everyone  and I’d probably blow a fuse battling the crowds of the uneducated and unwashed around town to shop and pay bills.

So today, I’m pleased with the knowledge that I can walk into town, go to the bank and shops without turning into a crazed and sweaty mess dodging brats and midget children! Delightful!

Alas I won’t be buying any shiny pretty things, I’m being very frugal this month, I have my sister’s 18th birthday on the 1st of October and John and I have agreed to give her £200 as her birthday present. It seems a lot, but she is estranged from our parents so she won’t be getting anything from them and it is a special birthday year. A lot of kids seem to get cars, or driving lessons, flash instruments etc … Whilst we can’t afford that. We can give her some moolah for her trip to Singapore (kindly paid for by her BFF’s dad!!)

After Han’s birthday comes … Christmas!!!! I *love* Christmas pressie shopping, I get the tingle of excitement walking into shops and buying trinkets and little bits n bobs. I get real pleasure in wrapping the gifts and tying bows and ribbon around them … Ahhhh – excited already!


What else, hmmm … Not much has been going on in the last few days, I’ve stepped back away from book 2 of my hobby (The Chaeli books) whilst I wait to hear back from the literary agents I submitted my MS to.  I’ll probably go back to it in a month or so 🙂

So I’ve started a little light story, science fiction based and going to be a standalone novel – It’s nothing great but I reckon It’ll be around 80k when finished and is just something to pass the time and continue writing, I was looking at the writing classes hosted by a couple of famous authors and they seem to preach a “little bit of writing” each day, so that’s what I’m hoping to achieve.

It’s called “In the Name of Honour” but that’s all I’ll disclose at the moment! It may all change!


So on Friday I start my 7 in a row again … I know I have a 3 week shift pattern, but it really comes around fast! My life seems to pass in blur!!!

Ahhh over 500 words of tedium and mediocre updates … Awesome!


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