Sweet Mother Mary … I Need a Break For a Few Minutes ….

It’s that time again, as a keen writer when inspiration hits I *HAVE* to type words and hopefully put them in a cohesive order that resembles a story …
Some of you guys know I’ve finished the rough draft of my first book and I’ve stepped back for a little while, I thought it would be nice to do something different so I’ve moved onto a standalone chick lit sci-fi book (will be around 120k I think when completed.)
The story line is a little complicated, but it involves a female protagonist, Sergeant Honour Thompson from Tellus primus  who works for TAMIA (Time and Multiverse Investigation Agency) she “loops” to other worlds (other Tellus, Gaia and Earth planets) gathering research, implementing top secret projects and sometimes, just sometimes battling Chromericans. Huge metal alien creations that destroy everything in their path.
She’s angry, stubborn, feisty and completely messed up. That is why I love her.
I love all of my characters and really connect with each one that I write, so much so that sometimes they seem to write themselves. I always start a tale with a loose idea of where I want the story to go, but does it ever turn out that way? No.
Already Honour is writing herself and completely ignoring my plans so i’m going with the flow at the moment …
That’s the reason I’m taking a short break, Honour is getting hot and heavy with a fittie and it’s just too easy to write the whole shabang but really, I don’t want to. She shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t seem to stop it … It’s almost a natural progression and that’s confused me as it really wasn’t on the cards and has thrown a spanner in the works. *Sigh*
But … Oh My … James Dubray is HOT!
Herp Derp Derp …

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