It was cinema night last night – being Orange Wednesday and all that …

The original plan was a night out with some girls, but that’s been pushed back to next week, so John and I went to the cinema and watched “Drive.”

We’d seen the trailers and thought “hey, this looks cool” and the review on IMDB had the movie at 8.6 and rottentomatoes at 93% fresh – looking positive …

The movie was nothing like I thought it would be, I was imagining something a little more lighthearted with a “fast 5” type feel – I was wrong.


Oh my, I am in love with this film. Friends will know that Inception was my movie of 2010, but, I actually think Drive blows Inception out of the water.

Ryan Gosling has moved into my top 5 actors following his stunning performance in this film. he plays the character “Driver” (we never find out his name) a movie stunt driver and mechanic by day … A wheelman by night.

Gosling probably only says a couple of hundred (if that) words the entire movie, but his acting is superb. The emotions he portrays with his body language and facial expressions are just astounding.

Carey Mulligan played the main female role wonderfully, every little look, every gesture, every word spoken with true conviction.

I can see why this movie has been given an 18 rating, whilst there is no nudity and minimal bad language – the violence is quite brutal. At one point I did the typical girlie thing of flapping my hands and almost squealing, very unlike me!!!

The soundtrack adds to the intensity of this movie, perfect electro pop, paired with the pink cursive credits .. You get a seductive and alluring caress into the start of the film.

I cannot wait until this film comes out on DVD!

I’ve linked the main song to the movie below on youtube ….


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