So my IBS played up for the first time in ages today. Not only was work incredibly busy and soul destroying but one of my babies – my little man Brush – had to be admitted to the vet hospital.

Last night we noticed that he wasn’t himself, Brush is definitely a “mummy’s boy” and loves his cuddles with me but he seemed very disinterested and was anxiously cleaning himself. As he walked I noticed spots of blood and he started being sick. It was late and  the vet call out is £150 just for them turning out of their beds – diagnosis and fees on top of that – so we decided to take him to the vets this morning.

John and his mum took him, and he has a bad case of cystitis involving crystals forming around his willy. This means his urethra was blocked and he was unable to pee, he had a full and stretched bladder.

Solution? Sedation and the fitting of a catheter (decided to have his nuts off at the same time) antibiotics, fluid drip and a flush through. The bill is anticipated to be anywhere between £200 – £500. A massive difference in cost and I wish they could narrow it down slightly!

Brush is worth every penny. He is a lovely cat, I hate seeing my babies in pain and I’m glad we took him to the vets. Even though he’s going to cost an absolute fortune!

A smart alec comment about pet insurance was made … Ok, I have 12 cats. I love and care for them all like they are real children.

I had pet insurance for each individual cat at between £4- £6 each, I would pay £60 a month to the insurance company and I never claimed once. When the renewal came around – they wanted £118 a MONTH to insure them all … How is this fair??? So I cancelled the insurance and we put a set amount away each month in a savings account (closer to the £60.)

Unfortunately, this account was raided recently for other unexpected bills – so kindly, the in-laws are going to pay for Brush and we’ll pay them back.

If insured, I would have spent £1416 on insurance this year. If Brush comes out at £500 – I’ll have still made a saving.


It’s just rotten luck that my lovely pussy cat was poorly this month – we’ve got a host of stuff to fork out for and this is just an added stress that really, we don’t need!


Fingers crossed Brush can come home sooner than Thursday, and that the bill is towards the lower end!

Here’s a pic of the monster with Lyra … These two get on great and Brush will often suckle up, pad and play with my champagne and cream german shepherd



Love you Brushy! Get well soon xxxxx



3 responses

  1. Male neutered cats tend to have this problem… I’m sorry he’s ill, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure out a way to help him. My cat had this problem and after the surgery he had to eat special food for the rest of his life. Pets are so much a part of our lives, give out so much love and have such personalities. Hang in there, hon.

    Glad you had someone to help you out with the money end of it. 🙂

  2. Hope he gets well soon and returns to true lap form!

    I’ve often contemplated pet insurance for the three princesses. I still think maybe sometimes. But our plan, now that we have a bit of extra money for a change, is to make a savings account just for them and fund it.

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