Editing, Apocalypses and Flashing

So I’ve slipped up again – sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.

Am happy to report that Brush is A-OK. £400 later he’s back to his bouncy self. Part of me wishes he would just lay there looking sorry for himself so that I can justify the money. Instead, he’s probably louder and more mischievous than ever!


Life rolls on as normal, taking the good with the bad.  It’s time I revisisted the specialist. To quote The Verve “the drugs don’t work.”


I think the most interesting aspect of the last few weeks surrounds the fact that a very kind soul from authonomy is helping me exponentially with my editing of Chaeli. I seriously thought I was nearly done with book 1, but his intelligent comments, edits, opinions and advice has meant that I’ve revisited it and started to add and rewrite certain sections. I’ve learnt so much from him surrounding the basic grammatical structure. We’ve done 3 chapters so far and about 140 of the 570 pages. It reads 100x better and I can’t wait until it’s finished and polished to perfection.

It sat at 160k before and I think it’ll be close to 170k by the time we’re finished. I can hand on heart say that every scene is crucial, nothing is down to chance and those “WTF” moments actually have purpose and direction.

So, “Terje” – thank you! You are a true gentleman and all around lovely person. (I don’t know if he’ll read this, I doubt it -but you never know!)


I wanted to take part in NaNoWriMo this month – but I don’t think I’m going to have time. These edits are taking up a huge proportion of my spare time, and I have to finish Honour. I might create SaNoWriMo and attempt something in a few months – I have a story involving a fallen angel I really want to develop.

I’ve also got my 5k short and 2x 1k flash fiction pieces to write by the end of the year for the Alliance of World Builders and the anthology we’re publishing …

Oh – I’ve also got a piece I want to do for  http://apocalypsegirlsguide.blogspot.com/

No time no time!

Wait, I’ve just wasted time doing this when I could be writing … Arghhhhhh


Ok, here’s a song – Counting Crows …




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