Releasing Birds From Their Cage In Manchester Whilst Rounding Up Hens.


Again, it’s been 10 days since the last blog post, I’m not very good at this am I? Still, I’m trying!

Just occurred to me as well – (please don’t check my running diary,great, now I know you will) I’ve been very bad and lax the last few weeks with my exercise.  I can see the conversation now where I desperately try to blag it …

“I’m really sorry, it’s just that things just seem to have got in the way -what with writing, editing, work, court, family life, hen weekend in Manchester.”

“Hmmm, sorry? What as the last one again?”

“Hen weekend in Manchester.”

“I see … so, tell me more…” 

So I will tell you more .. but not much more. You see, there is an unwritten code. “What happens on tour, stays on tour.”

Think – “The Hangover” –  but with 7 girlies – 5 of them police officers and the other 2 young and impressionable bombshells …

“Inflatable 3ft cock”, “cock jousting” “cock trumps” “cock straws” … See the theme?

*cough* … However, I was the sober one all weekend. Yes, my boring tee total self tagged along to the ‘ do but I had super amounts of fun and it was a blast! I did treat myself to one double archers and lemonade – but decided not to go “too wild” …

I was on a strict budget due to the stupid amount of money we’ve paid out this month in unexpected shitty bills. The budget worked though, I did feel a bit mean and tightfisted throughout the weekend, especially as I know a lot of people find things financially hard. But I know (read hope) the Hen understood. The whole bunch of girls are amazing, I definitely want to stay in contact with them.


Moves me nicely onto the next section of this post – getting a refund from Eon.

We paid out £300 for a powerflush in the central heating system for our rental property. The tenants were complaining that 2 radiators weren’t working and the previous plumber that checked the property out said it needed this powerflush.

Booked, paid for and on the day the contractor turned up and was there for just over an hour. Turned out it was nothing more than a balancing problem and a sticky TRV.

I’ve been trying for nearly a week to get a refund from Eon because the company they contract out to told them they did complete the powerflush – I stress to add, not the contractor himself, he’s been very good – but the company told Eon they did the job.

Simple way to prove they didn’t – come and do a powerflush on the property and see the amount of black sludge that will come out of the radiators!

Still, Eon are calling me tomorrow to talk about the refund, they said that they believe me as I called them after the contractor had been there an hour and these things normally take 5 hours apparently. I just want the £300 back thanks! In December it’ll come in really handy!


Hmmm what else? Editing is going really well. Things seem to be progressing and taking the book to a different level. A lot of areas are being explored that, whilst I’d considered and touched on, didn’t have the guts to follow through as I was worried it would put a lot of readers off . EG – sexuality, dominance, power, control, obedience, submission and so on …  I love the fact that the wonderful Terje seems to have honed into my mindset and has suggested some really powerful stuff.

Honour, eurgh … I haven’t written any more on Honour as of yet, just no time!!! I’ve seriously been rushed off my feet!

I have however written 2k of my alliance short story for our anthology. I’ve based it on two gods from my main Chaeli novel. Nileen – the goddess of Wind and Arthon -the god of Earth.

Terje asked me to consider writing the mythology of my gods. So I did. It’s in depth, it’s complicated, it’s romantic, poetic, gruesome yet loving. Nileen interests me the most.

“Capricious yet shy, desperate to be loved yet aloof she yearns for affection … but she cannot express herself – she is mute. Arthon, solid, firm, quiet and reassuring – he adores Nileen from afar. When she disappears after being spurned by Eremal, the messenger god, he too retreats to the earth – where he waits for her return.”

That’s the basis for the story.

So, I’m keeping this one brief – I have a date with the husband tonight. We’re watching “Arn” on bluray – I’ve heard good things! I shall let you know what it’s like!!


Ooooohhhhh – whilst I’m on the subject of films – Saw “Immortals” at the cinema. LOVED it.







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