“Very Unlucky” … Understatement?

Two posts in 24 hours.

Have just had to take Tritan to the vets. Went up to bed, took him a treat (as he was in our room) he was curled up, not interested in the yummy fishy stick treat – which is very rare for him and when I put him on the floor, he collapsed. Twice.

Panicked doesn’t eloquently explain how I felt, terrified would be better. I burst into tears and called the vet immediately (bye bye £100 emergency call out fee.)

Took him down the surgery – he has a blocked bladder like Brush had!! What are the chances of two cats in a month getting the same illness???? Apparently it’s not contagious, there was nothing in Brush’s blood work that led the vets to believe that their food was to blame or that there were any infections.

Vet believes is just “really bad luck.”

No shit.

Brush cost £400 (thereabouts) and that was without an emergency callout …

Remember my last post? Talking about a refund from Eon?

Guess what that’s going towards … No prizes …

Why does bad fucking financial luck always seem to happen to us??? I try to be savvy, pay off debts, prioritise, save a little each month when I can but no … Always something.

I know it was our choice to have pets, and I understand the financial implication of said animals. But really, the big man/entity in the sky or whatever deities reside over us – they really need to wave a little divine intervention my way!

Here are some piccies of my poorly boy.

Tritan – 4 yrs 7mth old Maine Coon. My beautiful red and white baby. I adore him. (If you click on the small piccy icon – a slideshow comes up)


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