Ocular Dominance = Very Important.

So, are you left eye or right eye dominant? 

I thought I’d do a short blog post on this and highlight just how important it is that you get this right when taking part in target sports such as shooting or archery.

The majority of archers (and shooters) are right eye dominant. Now, it’s not quite as easy as you think … “I’m right handed therefore I’m right eye dominant” … not so.

You can be right handed to write with, but left eye dominant: If this was the case you’d hold your bow in your right hand and draw the string with your left. OR you’d hold your gun in your left.

Now, sometimes that’s just too difficult, I mean, if you use your right hand for everything and suddenly you’re having to use your left … “cack-handed” comes to mind, so in cases where it really is too difficult to “get to grips” with it – you can wear an eye patch over your dominant eye and retrain your brain. (You may have seen this on tv – people who wear sunglasses with tape over one eye, a patch, close their eye and so on).

There’s a really simple exercise you can do to determine your eye dominance – it’s called “The Miles Test.”

What’s needed: Your hands, an object to focus on, and about 20ft of space.

  1. Extend both arms in front of your body and place the hands together so as to make a small triangle between your thumbs and the first knuckle (see image to left). With both of your eyes open, look through the triangle and focus on a specific small object. Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If your hands appear to move off the object and move to the left, then you are left eye dominant.


There are other tests that can be done to ascertain just how “strong” your dominant eye is, but, as I’ve said – the rule of thumb states that your dominant eye dictates your “draw” hand.

I’m getting into archery, and I’m left eye dominant. I’ve tried patching my left eye  and frankly, it doesn’t work for me. So, I’m going to work at holding the bow in my right hand and drawing with my left … see if I can improve my score!

Shouldn’t be too difficult for me – considering I’m left handed!


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