Roll on 2013


So as 2012 creeps away, 2013 peeps over the horizon and we’re reminded that time is a cruel master.

This year I had a host of things I wanted to achieve, and, typically, I failed.

Here’s my list from last year (cut & pasted from another site)



1. Continue losing weight – I’ve got the support of friends and family so all is good. Aiming for 2 stone. Failed, I’m 10lb lighter and that’s it.

2. Continue to progress with writing. I am 1/2 way through Honour and have written out a loose plan to finish it. Short story anthology planned and Chaeli book 2 planned as well.  Achieved. I’ve written a few short stories and another novel. Still haven’t finished Honour though … 

3. Finish OU course and start 2nd one – I’ve signed up to read and learn ancient Greek … Achieved. I aimed for 60 credits in 2011 but I actually studied 90.

4. Continue paying off debts … Ongoing. It’s a never ending cycle, but I have more money now than I did this time last year – so it’s progress!

I also want to do the following …

5. Learn an instrument – am considering the guitar, but also severely tempted to take up the flute again. Failed.

6. Sort my tarot card reading out properly. Failed. I still haven’t mastered it.

7. Get my 2nd tattoo (booked in already for Feb, left foot!) and consider my 3rd. (Black cat, already designed for right foot) Achieved! My tattoo is beautiful. I love it. 3rd tattoo on the back-burner.

8. Register in Sept for my Sgt’s exam in March 2013. I can’t fit it in next year, far too busy with other stuff. Failed. There is no way I have the time for this now.

9. Make more of an effort with my friends, I’m so anti-social. I know this, I will get better – promise! Failed. I’m socially retarded.

10. Take my meds every day without fail. Failed. I’m shit with medicine. Maybe when my internal organs start to shut down I’ll pay attention to the ear-chewing I get from my GP.

4/10 isn’t bad … *ahem*



My weight and meds are linked. I will lose weight if I take my thyroxine every day. The thyroid controls the metabolism, if it’s regulated – then my BMR will be better, and as such, I should lose weight. 2013 … here I come!

Now, do I make a list of resolutions I know I won’t achieve? Or is that defeatist?

Nah, screw it … ok – plans for 2013.


1. Lose weight (I know. It’s the most common resolution). 2 stone goal.

2. Write another book. Either book 2 of my series or something fresh; doesn’t matter as long as I improve, grow and learn.

3. Be less bitchy (I can be a right cow at times. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut). Part of this involves being tolerant and ignoring those with forked tongues… tough times ahead.

4. Save for Christmas in advance. I always complain that I’m broke in January because December drains me dry … well, not this time!

5. Finish DIY at home – conversion, stairs, wallpapering etc. Yeah, this is my cheat resolution ‘cos it’s pretty much a given.

6. Submit all my uni assignments on time. So far I’ve had 2 extensions and it’s only my 3rd Ancient Greek TMA … I need to organise my time more efficiently.

7. Read 52 books not connected with work or business. 1 a week. I’ll add a widget thingy methinks.

8. Exercise more. In fact, work up to being able to run 3-5 miles (I’m currently prohibited from running by my GP while they run tests, but if everything is ok – this is a doable goal).

9. Stop biting my nails. They look gross and bleurgh.

10. Improve time management. I am so unorganised, constantly busy, constantly tired, and constantly running behind schedule and never on time! This needs to change!



Over and out.


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