So my blog has been neglected. It always gets shoved to the bottom of the priority-list. With FB and what-not, most people get sick of me yapping on there – let along here as well!

However, a few things of note in the last few months and a few plans to boot.

1. I have the all clear for my cancer. I have 6 monthly check-ups for 3 years until the official sign off. But there’s no sign of it returning at the moment. People who know me, know I like to post almost everything on FB – but I mostly kept this off there. Not really for public consumption (I know I’m posting it here, but this is just a passing comment).

2. We had around 5k’s worth of unexpected bills the first third of this year. Hopefully things will start to improve, but … man, I was hitting rock bottom. We now have to rebuild out savings from scratch – linked to that…

3. We’re saving furiously for our holiday to Florida in October. A well deserved break. We’re both emotionally, physically and financially drained. I can’t wait. We’re going with one of our best friends Lee (he’s John’s long term buddy, but I’ve stolen him as well) and my sister and her boyfriend (my sister is one of my best friends and her boyfriend is all kinds of lovely).

4. I’ve started another book called Emma – it’s going to be shelved for a while as I work on A Time of Faith and Lies, but it’s quite special and I’ve got some crazy ideas for it.

5. I found out that not only do I have fertility probs – the man does to. So it’s going to be exceptionally hard to conceive. It looks like IVF could be the only way, so I have to lose weight to make sure I qualify.

6. I have a goal of losing 28lb by October.

7. Dom has bought an exercise bike – time to use it. Might even start harassing the brother-in-law to help me with some exercise plans and routines. Sort-of related, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I get a lot of chronic joint pain.

8. My third bedroom is now my office/library – moved all my bookcases into there and really had a big sort out. Love it. So much space!
9. The building inspector signed off the garage conversion – happy days!

10. My anxiety is under control. I’ve had a few attacks and downward spirals – but the propranolol is doing the job. It’s manageable.


That’s about it.

I’ll start updating properly soon. I have a few poignant thoughts running around my head and I’d like to bore you all with them…



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