4 long years

It’s that time of year again. I try to keep myself busy, but I’m finding it’s getting harder, not easier.

I went to see my granddad the other week, and I gave him an ARC of In Search of Gods and Heroes to read. He loved it. I mean, absolutely loved it. He called me up (very rare) and told me he read it over three days and for a gentleman pushing 90 years old – that’s pretty impressive! (170k)

I went to see him afterwards, and we discussed the book in depth, and lamented a little on the one person we wished could have seen it in print – my glorious nanny. We both agreed she would have been very proud.

Because of his amazing kindness and support – I’m able to publicly say that Kristell Ink will be publishing In Search of Gods and Heroes (vol 1) at the end of November 2013. Big smile.

Today marks 4 empty years without the woman who helped shape me. She was my secret-keeper, my counsellor, my friend, my crutch when needed, and more importantly, my role model.
I love you, nanny. I’ve been through some real tough times in the last 12 months, and needed you more than ever. I don’t think I ever truly understood the value of a grandmother when you were here – I wish I could tell you that I appreciated everything you ever did for me.



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