Book Review: Fall Down Seven by C.E. Edmonson



I admit, I’ve not read many books surrounding WWII and particularly Pearl Harbor.
Fall Down Seven starts with Emiko looking out on that fateful day and seeing the smoke, the planes, and then the bombs.
What’s unusual with Fall Down Seven is that the viewpoint is told from a 13 yr old girl, but we, the reader, instantly form a bond with her. Right from the moment her family realise they have to flee otherwise they’ll be placed in a concentration camp, to the moment a family member is lost in the horror that is war.
There were many startling and uncomfortable examples of anti-Japanese behaviour that makes you (reader) really think back and find yourself comparing the behaviour of 60 years ago to behaviour s that we display towards others in present day.
Pearl Harbor was a tragic incident in a very messy, bloody and cruel war, and there aren’t many books that display and show the pain of Japanese civilians –  or even Japenese servicemen who had nothing to do with the decision to bomb the harbor.

The title of the book is very poignant. `Fall Down Seven’ relates to a Japanese proverb `Nana korobi, ya oki’ meaning `fall down seven times, get up eight’.

I’d recommend this to people who love historical fiction with depth, and those that like books with a steady pace and no superfluous `filling’.

Personally, I adore the cover for this book. The colours, atmosphere and model are perfect. It’s very professional and has a feel of quality.

It’s fantastic.


Yes, I received a copy of this book for an honest review. No, I am not friends with the author.


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