Book Review: Season of the Dead by Lucia Adams, Paul Freeman, Gerald Johnston & Sharon Van Orman





Season of the Dead

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I know two of the authors (Paul Freeman and Sharon Orman), and so I opened the book with high hopes – both Paul and Sharon write very well and are published by small presses. I wasn’t disappointed: 4 authors, 4 different points of view and 4 great stories.

This is quite a short review, and for that I apologise. I try not to write long and bombastic reviews. Basically, if I say I like it. I like it.

Zombie stories are hot right now, and to be honest, they’re not only difficult to get right, they’re difficult to make original. There are only so many viruses and wake-up-in-a-hospital scenes an author can do before the reader feels like stabbing themselves in the eyes.
The style, pace and characterisation are startlingly different, and to start with I worried that they wouldn’t ‘gel’ together – but I’m happy to say I was wrong. The stories weave together towards the end, and the final few chapters show just how skilled the writers are.
The characters made me smile, and I strongly suspect there’s a HUGE amount of each of the authors own personalities poured into them. When the characters met, I enjoyed the exchanges between them and the way the banter rolled easily. Though, if it were me, I’d be a lot more suspicious meeting survivors.  The Walking Dead taught me that. Don’t trust anyone.

Things I learnt from SOTD:

A squirrel costume will save your life.
Don’t mess with the Irish (ok, I knew this already, but SOTD cemented this!)
It’s always the government’s fault. Everything.

Gerry can write… like, really write.
Kitty is a symbol of hope.


Blurb:  “It is said that unto everything there is a season…these are the stories of a group of survivors during the season of the dead.”

Four individuals fight to survive as the zombie apocalypse crashes over the world in a wave of terror and destruction. Color, creed, and social standing mean nothing as the virus infects millions across the planet.

Sharon: a zoologist from Nebraska, USA, has worked with the virus, and has seen the effects on the human mind. She knows more about the virus than nearly anybody alive, and far more than she wants to. Gerry: from Ontario, Canada, he gets his first taste of the virus from inside a prison cell. Locked up after an anti-government riot, his prison guard transforms before his eyes into a flesh craving zombie. Lucia: a chemist from Pittsburgh, USA, flees from a furry convention dressed as a giant squirrel, and escapes from the city in a Fed-Ex van. She’s a girl who knows when to run and when to fight. Paul: thinks he can sit out the apocalypse in his apartment block in Dublin, Ireland, until the virus comes to visit, bursting his bubble and leaving him with no choice but to face reality or perish.

All four begin perilous journeys in mind and body as they face daily trials to survive: Four threads, four different parts of the world, one apocalypse!


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