Family, and Promises

Phew. What a busy weekend!

I worked Saturday day, socialised Saturday evening and then visited my granddad on Sunday with my husband, my sister and her partner, Ben. It was the first time granddad had met Ben, and other than me, it was the first time Ben had met any other member of our family.

Let’s just say our family isn’t exactly close… I mean, Hannah and me are close, Granddad, Hannah and me are close, but… the rest of the family?… Not so much. Long story. I’ll tell you all about it one day. Maybe.

Anyway, we got to Granddad’s, had a good natter about news and plans and then I was thoroughly told off. I mean, properly chastised by granddad. Why? My swearing on Facebook. I swear a lot, I admit it. I curse like a sailor and I think it’s because I work with a lot of ex-servicemen. My Granddad’s words: “you are an authoress, you can find more creative ways to vent your frustration.”

He has a point. A good one really. ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’ has no swearing and this was very deliberate – I didn’t want any bad language as I wanted to show it wasn’t necessary to fill a book with swearing to make it dark and realistic. How can I then be a hypocrite and try and claim that I swear to show people just how frustrated I am when I omit it from my work for that very reason?
The final comment that really mortified me was, “How do you think your nan would have felt seeing you swear?” Aiyee… she  would have been ridiculously disappointed, and I squirm now as I recall her disapproving stare. Nan never had to swear, in fact, I heard her swear just once in 27 years. Crazy.
While I was there, he gave me my nan’s old soft leather purse. I’m going to use it as my swear-purse. Every time I curse, I’ll pop some money in it. Whatever I have to hand in fact. I can’t give a definitive amount as I don’t really carry much money, but let’s see how I go!

So, Granddad, here’s my promise: I will dramatically reduce my swearing – both verbally and written. I shall scrub the F word from my list of curses and I do so for you and nanny, because you’re right. There’s no need for me to curse like a sailor and it achieves nothing.

Moving on…

Around 6pm, my dad turned up and it was the first time I’d seen him since Christmas 2009 (I think). He was followed by my brother Josh (been 6 months), my sister Lydia (Christmas 2009), and my brother Kris (over a year).
Hannah hadn’t seen any of them since Christmas 2009, and my dad hadn’t visited Granddad in over a year – despite living just 25-30 minutes away.
Cue Granddad digging around the freezer looking for food for the masses – we settled on bacon sandwiches and cheesecake. A rather fine combination methinks!
(I cooked and cleaned. No way was I letting Granddaddy do it!)

It was an emotional time for Granddad, and it’s clear that he enjoyed seeing his grandchildren and son. I just really hope that they make more of an altruistic effort. Granddad is 88 years old and he won’t be with us forever. No matter how much I wish it.

Here’s a picture of Nan, Granddad and me on my wedding day 5 years ago. I love this picture. It was the happiest day of my life, and I’m with two of my most favourite people. My first book is dedicated to both of them, because when others turned their backs on me, they were always there with love, support and gentle words of encouragement.

IMG_7072 12x8


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