Book Review: Exodus Lost – S.C Compton




I came across Exodus Lost when I was looking for something to read that explored and explained the Mayan culture and roots and the link to the Egyptians. I’ve long believed there is a link with the pyramids, and so I wanted to find something that argued the case well and eloquently (and obviously with accuracy!). I’m glad I chose this book as Compton sweeps the reader along at a fantastic pace and mixes pleasure and learning effortlessly, and not only did I learn about the Mayans, but other cultures from west to east.
When I first started reading this, I felt like a child again – voraciously devouring information at a stupid rate. I loved the explanations and the linking to the Egyptian and Aztec cultures, and the way biblical floods were depicted to show the reader that the bible holds some truths. There were sections dedicated to art and anthropology,

To make the book extra special, Compton has included engravings, illustrations  and exquisite pictures. It’s the sort of book that you have to buy in paperback as the kindle edition doesn’t do the images justice.

This book was written by a well-respected scholar and expert in his field, and it shows. Definitely recommend this book if you have an interest in these special areas of cultural history.


S.C Compton BIO

Stephen Compton is a writer on Mesoamerican history. He obtained his undergraduate education from Shimer College and, via Shimer’s Oxford study abroad program, Oxford University. He subsequently obtained master’s degrees from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. In his book Exodus Lost (2011), based on 14 years of research, Compton advanced a controversial but pathbreaking thesis on the origins of the Olmec civilization, adducing powerful evidence to link the Old and New Worlds.


Book can be purchased in both paperback and kindle:

Exodus Lost on AMAZON


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