I’m not overly religious, so for me, what is Christmas all about?

I’m very up and down when it comes to Christmas. I love giving and seeing friends and family, but I dislike the feeling of expectation that laces everything – expectation of grand gifts, excessive decorations, gluttonous amounts of food; an overindulgence of…well…everything.

Is that what Christmas is about? Have I missed the point? Should I be buying those I love and care for boxes and boxes of gifts to show them I love them? Should I eat my weight in rich food because it’s ‘Christmas’? Should I cover my house in gaudy decorations?
Yes, I realise I sound very Ebenezer Scrooge-like, but I genuinely believe that some of the magic of Christmas has been lost in the brain-washing of large corporations and retailers.

For me, it’s about showing people that you care:
A coffee with that mate you’ve been chatting to on social media all year but not physically seen, maybe?
Helping those who rely on public transport with some shopping or appointments?
Cooking Christmas dinner for the overworked mother-in-law? (Yes, my husband volunteered us for this and initially I wasn’t that impressed – I burn water! – but now I’m thinking it’s a good idea)
A telephone call or visit to an elderly person who’s alone perhaps?
There are a 101 ideas, but the point is – think about what’s important to  others and try to give something that would really matter, and even think about putting yourself out a little if their request calls for it. Giving: it’s not just about material gifts.



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