All I Want For Christmas, Is…

Well, today was rather pleasant. A nice lie-in before heading to the in-laws and cooking Christmas dinner. I think the husband and I did good. We cooked the whole meal (trimmings an’ all!) and my highlight was the pan fried shredded brussell sprouts with bacon, and it went down really well.

I did get a lil annoyed at the constant wandering in by the father-in-law who tried to tell us how to cook. Eventually a polite message along the lines of ‘if you want it cooked that way, do it yourself’ silenced him and there was nothing but praise for the finished meal. Hurrah. Win.

Presents  were all rather lovely: cinema voucher, PJs, Amazon voucher, a Steampunk tee-shirt, a ‘Jedi Path’ book, some MTG sleeves and gaming mat, TICKETS TO THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR. Hell yeah! ❤ and… FLIGHT TICKETS TO NORWAY TO VISIT FRIENDS!  How amazing is that? I feel really humbled to have loving, generous and wonderful friends. Each and every gift I received this year had so much thought put into it.

Facebook is rather joyous today as well. No political rants, no hate –  just love and best wishes, and photos of excitable children. Got to admit… it’s made me broody. Perhaps Santa will bring me a baby for next Christmas?  I really hope so.
christmas baby


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