Roll on 2014

Adios, shitty year. Au revoir, crappy times… Aiya, 2014!
Yeah, for many reasons, I can’t wait for this year to end. There have been some amazing highs, but mostly rubbish lows. So as far as I’m concerned, 2013 can do one!

Here’s my annual round up of my resolutions and how I did… I’m so ashamed.

1. Lose weight (I know. It’s the most common resolution). 2 stone goal. Again. I didn’t manage 2 stone, but I did manage another 10lb. So that’s 20lb in 2 years. The numbers are going down and that’s all good.  1/2 done.

2. Write another book. Either book 2 of my series or something fresh; doesn’t matter as long as I improve, grow and learn. Yeah… let’s skip this one.

3. Be less bitchy (I can be a right cow at times. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut). Part of this involves being tolerant and ignoring those with forked tongues… tough times ahead.  Not bad. Managed this quite nicely. I cut out some negativity from my life and realised how much happier I was for doing so. When someone is constantly critical, negative, manipulative and bullish – it rubs off and seeps in like poison. I have shed that skin and emerged more like the old me.

4. Save for Christmas in advance. I always complain that I’m broke in January because December drains me dry … well, not this time!  Skip it…

5. Finish DIY at home – conversion, stairs, wallpapering etc. Yeah, this is my cheat resolution ‘cos it’s pretty much a given. Neverending… Skip it.

6. Submit all my uni assignments on time. So far I’ve had 2 extensions and it’s only my 3rd Ancient Greek TMA … I need to organise my time more efficiently. Skip it…

7. Read 52 books not connected with work or business. 1 a week. I’ll add a widget thingy methinks. Skip it…

8. Exercise more. In fact, work up to being able to run 3-5 miles (I’m currently prohibited from running by my GP while they run tests, but if everything is ok – this is a doable goal). Errr….

9. Stop biting my nails. They look gross and bleurgh. ACHIEVED! Hurrah!

10. Improve time management. I am so unorganised, constantly busy, constantly tired, and constantly running behind schedule and never on time! This needs to change! Errr…


2 1/2 out of 10. Um. Well. I. Errr. There are no words. That’s terrible.

My friend, the wonderful Ken Dawson, wrote a blog post a few days ago about not setting goals and resolutions as you are effectively setting yourself up to fail (post here: . I liked the reasoning behind it, and will take some of it on board. I realise that after years of being a blog – I’m not going to turn into Scarlett Johansson. That’s cool. I can live with that.

So then… here are the resso’s for 2014.


1. Continue losing weight – as I am now 20lb down, let’s aim for 2 stone again. This is a bit of a cheat resolution. I’ve set 2 stone for the last 2 years and managed 10lb on each year. I’m sort-of hoping that by setting the same resolution I’ll lose another 10lb! Well… here’s hoping. Resso set.

2. Dedicate time to MY writing. During 2013 I put everyone else first in all aspects of writing. Time to get my book out and be a little bit selfish and publish that damn book!

3. Ok… this one sounds really weird and makes me seem like stig of the dump… but, regular leg waxing and eyebrow shaping. Put more care into my appearance. Calm down, everyone! Yes, I know I don’t have to do this for anyone. Yes, I love myself for me. I just want to look more well-groomed, K? I feel more confident and more positive when I look more human and less werewolf.

4. Pass my Latin and Greek (OU). Believe me, with how busy I’ve been recently, this will be quite a feat! I don’t care if I get a 2:2 on this section of the course – I just want to pass!

5. A hobby of note. My God, I sound like a teenager…but I would like to do something worthwhile with my spare (ho,ho) time. I’m thinking snowboarding lessons again.

6. Save money. A little, a lot, I don’t mind. As long as there’s some in the pot by the end of December 2014  – I’ll be happy. This year wiped out everything we had and I feel very uneasy at the thought of no safety net!

7. Dedicate 1-2 early mornings a week to chores. That is, get up earlier than 20 minutes before I’m supposed to be in work and do something productive.

8. Feel healthier. Be healthier. Don’t care how. Just do it. No excuses. If I want to conceive, I need to give nature the best fighting chance.

9. Linked to number 2, but write 100k this year. Either a novel, or novellas, or short stories, but just write and get something solid down.

10. Visit family and friends more.


fairly doable list. I say this every year and have a rubbish track record – but this year – I’m gonna smash it.

Please feel free to share any resolutions, targets, goals, whatever, that you’ve set for yourself 🙂


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