2013… Or just 13


I’ve stolen this idea from a friend (Thanks, Tina!), and will list 13 things from 2013 that were positive and sort-of connected to me.

Here we go…and in no particular order…

(I’ve written these as they’ve come to me and haven’t thought too long or hard. I have probably forgotten some truly wonderful memories, and if I have – please don’t be offended).


1. Kristell Ink has grown from strength to strength and published some truly brilliant books (I suggest you check them all out here: www.kristell-ink.com). 8 books from such talented writers that put their faith and ‘babies’ in a small imprint. That is truly humbling, and so very awesome.

2. I had an amazing holiday in Florida with the husband, my sister and her boyfriend and our best friend, Lee. Fabulous time all around and very magical.

3. I turned 30 in style – a science fiction and fantasy fancy dress party with my nearest and dearest. My highlight of the evening was my husband dragging a bloody great big tree branch back to our house from the hotel (drunk, of course) and declaring that we could ‘cut it up to burn in the fire pit’…the branch was about 12ft long.

4. Meeting some wonderful friends face-to-face. This includes writers at World Fantasy Con, but most importantly included the lovely Steve Guscott who travelled down to see me from bonny Scotland!

5. My cats recovered from their serious health complaints. Now, when Thor and Oscar were poorly, their illnesses really were a downer and a major low point of 2013, but, they recovered and I have to be thankful and positive for that.

6. My dad made an effort to see my granddad for the first time in ages. You’ll remember I did a blog post on this back in the summer, and seeing the happiness on my granddad’s face made this a high point for me.

7. My detection rate at work is in excess of 75%. That means that 3/4 of the suspect’s I’ve dealt with have been charged, and when you deal with domestic violence, sexual offenders and the odd child abuser – that’s a good feeling.

8. I kicked anxiety’s butt. No more propranolol and no more palpitations.

9. My granddad read In Search of Gods and Heroes and loved it. Honestly, that was pretty fucking epic.

10. We redecorated the kitchen and dining room and it looks awesome with my Battlestar Galactica stuff all over. Yeah, this sounds a small thing to some people – but it makes me smile!

11. Those who are easily shocked or offended look away now… 2013 marked the first year since 2006 that husband and I have been able to be intimate without pain.

12. I gained another brother (in-law), and loved the Bethell-Smith wedding and all the celebrations.

13. I learnt the value of true friendship – warts and all – and finally, at 30 am at peace with who I am. I’m not perfect and I never will be. I’m a pain in the backside, I’m emotionally messy, but I’m me, and I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with my soul-mate and best friend who understands me.




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