That’s the sound of my blog dying. It’s been neglected for so long it faded away…I’m hoping that I can resurrect it with some updates.

The last 6 months have been pretty eventful. I’ve lost 20lb in weight, had a book published, found out my little sister was pregnant, had a heart infection (pericarditis) and pleurisy, been to two fantasy conventions, been ripped off by shitty tenants, and started the rocky road of IVF.

It’s not been an easy time. I hoped 2014 would be kinder than 2013, but for lots of reasons it hasn’t. Ok, it’s not been worse, NOTHING could be worse, but it’s not been better. Financially, it’s still pretty crappy. I hoped to have money saved at the end of the year, and while I have £140 in a savings account, I wanted 10x that amount!

Anyway, back to important stuff…

Yeah…. my book, ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’ was published –  – and so far, it’s doing pretty well! I’ve not actively marketed or pushed it because of ‘confidence things’ but it’s plodding along nicely. The feedback has been good, but I’m always after expanding my readership so if you want a review copy – then please contact me 🙂 I’ll be happy to oblige on the proviso you post a review on the web 🙂

I had my (invite only) launch at Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in London. It was great. Small and intimate and friends only…perfect for my nerves!

There are pictures on the Kristell Ink website: if you fancy having a nose. I’m trying to find time to write more, but that’s proving a nightmare. I started NaNoWriMo this month and typically, my computer broke. I had to buy a new HDD for it  and by the time I got myself set back up it was the 10th of the month and I was waaaaaay behind. I have a plan to get writing again though (will share more later on that). So all is not lost. The Silver Nightingale needs to be finished and beta-read. I really, really want to get that published.

Talking of publishing again, Anna goes through editing soon. I’m working at scrubbing out a lot of the passive voice and reworking some of the MCs feelings and reactions. If it goes well, then Tenebris Books will publish it in Q4 2015. Hurrah! This is big. 😀

My health has played a huge part in not writing, blogging etc. I had another cancer scare after coming back from Norway and it transpired I actually had a heart infection and pleurisy. The hospital were really good though and I can’t fault any of the care I received. I spent a few months feeling pretty shitty and ill and it had a knock on effect to my uni work. I finished my last module and decided to move my degree pathway to English Language. Why? I admit, the idea of just 1 exam in 2 1/2 years really appealed to me, and with writing and publishing becoming a serious passion, I need to improve my skills and technical knowledge. So…goodbye Greek and Latin!

On the tail end of my health stuff was FantasyCon in September. What a riot! The wonderful Joanne Hall took me under her wing again and I met some truly lovely writers from the fantasy community – some old friends and new ones. Big shout out to Alex Bardy, Steven Poore, Anne-Mhairi Simpson, Sorcha O’Dowd, Katy Rose Kenaz, Adam Dalton, Nadine West, Pete Sutton, and many more…Vodka helped my socialising skills that weekend, that and flirting with bar staff for cheap rounds… but that’s another story, for another time…

5/6 weeks later, I went to BristolCon for the first time. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT. Small (300ish people) and yet professionally run, it was a great 1 day event that again, was wonderful for meeting up with people. The panels were informative and fresh, and the lovely Joanne Hall did an awesome job pulling it all together. Can’t wait to go back!

We then move on to the IVF…What a rollercoaster! Originally referred in Feb, we finally started at the end of October. My health just didn’t allow us to start any sooner. Because of my PCOS we were put on a short protocol cycle that skipped all the down regulations and associated mood swings. I’ve just completed 17 days of stimming with Gonal F and Cetrotide, and tomorrow I go for egg collection! I have mild OHSS and 26 follicles dangling off my polycystic ovaries. Apparently, on Friday just gone, I had around 6 that looked promising for Monday. I’m disappointed. I wanted more because if this cycle is unsuccessful then we have to pay for future treatment and at 3-5k, it’s not cheap. However, if I produce 6 or more mature, good quality eggs, then we can egg share and just pay for ICSI (around £1100).

I think I’ll leave this post on that note. I’m going to update more often now…maybe…I hope.



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