Ending On A High

Following on from my last post, we had a total of 11 eggs collected following IVF stimming. 8 of those were mature, and 6 fertilised via ICSI. All 6 made it to blastocyst stage and we had one perfect embryo transferred and 5 frozen for future use.

On the 3rd December, we did the test and found out we’re having a baby!

It was an amazing feeling, and if I’m truthful, I’d been testing for days before and had a strong positive at 6dp5dt, so I knew we were doing good. I can’t put into words how I felt seeing that positive blue line come up – but it was incredible!

The following weeks have been hard. Especially this week. I’ve been bleeding and spotting quite a bit and because of that we had 2 scans. One at 6 weeks 3 days, and one at 6 weeks 5 days…I’m pleased to report we saw a strong heartbeat. Amazing. Yes, there were happy tears.

I read an article recently on xojane about mums-to-be being the vessel for a future generation, and that’s a mind-blowing feeling. Every twinge, cramp and (sorry if TMI!) trump, reminds me that my body is changing. I just pray that this continues and we have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

On the 9th Jan we have our next scan, we’ll be 9 weeks and 5 days, and apparently if all is well then the risk of miscarriage drops to less than 2%.

I’ve got everything I can cross, crossed.

This time last year, I was asking for a baby in 2014. We’re nearly there!


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  1. I’m so very thrilled for you sweetie and so in awe of you and how you are sharing this amazing and emotional rollercoaster with the rest of us. Believe me, in sharing, you are not only lifting a weight from your own shoulders but helping others who are going through the same thing or contemplating embarking on the same journey as well. What a wonderful feeling it must be honey, I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you too. I’m sure everything will be brilliantly and you will be an awesome mum! Congrats to you, John and your little growing ‘mini Sam’! 😀 xxxx

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