Shake It Off, Shake It Off

Ok, that title is in poor taste, but I can make fun of myself.

These blog posts are all over the place time wise, so I apologise. It’s because I didn’t write anything for 4 months and now I’m playing catch up!

So, at the end of May when I was 30 weeks pregnant, I ended up in hospital after having a seizure at home. Very bizarre experience. We were getting ready to go baby shopping and get the final bits for Logan’s arrival and as I brushed my hair I started to feel incredibly hot and dizzy and my right side was weak and tingly. I went to the bathroom as I wanted to be sick but I couldn’t actually puke and so walked downstairs and told John I was going to get some fresh air outside. He went to check on the dogs before we left and I stood against my car and closed my eyes. I remember thinking ‘I can’t wait to get in the car and have the windows down’.

The next thing I remember, John is calling my name and I was on the concrete driveway between the cars. John was on the phone to the ambulance and my face hurt. He was panicked and the first thing I thought was ‘I hope Logan is ok’. He answered lots of questions and within a few minutes a first responder arrived. After my obs, the ambulance was called and I went over to hospital and was taken to the maternity day assessment unit. They were worried that it could have been pre-eclampsia.

John repeatedly described what he saw to many different docs: I was standing, I fell and then had a grand mal seizure with body jerking. My breathing was off but it didn’t last longer than a minute. I was disorientated but only briefly. I scraped my face along the concrete and had a big graze and scab. My wrist and knees were scraped too.

I was incredibly tired and wanted to do nothing but sleep. As we all know though, hospitals and sleep don’t go together and so for the next four days I was regularly monitored, pricked with needles and had 2 CT scans, heart monitoring for 24hrs and an echocardiogram, x-rays and ultrasounds. Importantly, little man was fine. That’s all I really cared about.

I saw a neurologist who tentatively put the seizure down to ?epilepsy. She explained that for one seizure, they don’t medicate but if I had another they would look to try me on some meds. An MRI is booked for October to see if there is anything untoward. I have a 2cm mass behind my eye that was seen on the CT scan and will be investigated properly next month. I’ve done a little research myself (based on what was written) and it could be a birthmark of sorts. Which is pretty cool.

I’ve been well since the seizure, and not had another, but I have felt ‘off’ several times in a way I can’t explain. I’ve made sure that I lay down and relax though and I find that I fall asleep really quickly when I feel ‘weird’.

So, there we go. Pregnancy does strange things to your body. It messes up your brain chemistry and puts a huge strain on your physical wellbeing. I have a light pink scar now on my temple from the scab. I like it. It’s unique and has a story behind it.

Would I change it? No way. I’ve got my little munchkin and he’s safe and well – nothing is more important!


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