Grimdark Magazine’s Great Big Battle-Off – Nomad Makes The Final Seven!

Joanne Hall

aof2coverThose awesome folks at Grimdark Magazine are currently running a competition to decide the greatest small-press fantasy battle, and The Art of Forgetting : Nomad is in the running for the Battle of Kingsmere (The One Where Someone Steals Rhodri’s Boots).

This is a competition voted for by the public, and there are heaps of fantasy and SF battles to choose from on the site, so get over there and get reading and voting for the one you enjoy the most. Actually, it’s Grimdark, so you should probably vote for the one that makes you wince the most, thinking about it…

If you’re a small press author and you want to get involved the competition details are here (published work only, no WIPs, but self-published work is allowed) and the competition closes on September 14th. It’s really great to see GDM supporting smaller authors in this way, so please do…

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