2 posts in 2 days, aren’t you all lucky…

Truth is, I wanted to write this yesterday but I was too tired. I’m actually exhausted at the moment. I wake up tired, I go to work tired, I come home tired and so on. Logan is (thankfully) improving with his sleep, but he does still wake 2/3 times a night at least 4 times a week. He doesn’t want John at night, either. He wants mummy. It is shattering.

This is the sort of tiredness that turns my head to porridge. I find it hard to talk, to function, and I forget things. It’s thick and clogging and I feel stupid and frustrated.

This isn’t the sort of tiredness that comes just from lack of sleep; this is the tiredness that comes from my thyroid as well. I’ve struggled to get my levels right in nearly 17 years and when you add this to my other issues, I just want to scream.

Someone please cut me a break?


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