So who am I?

This is me.

I’m 29 yrs old (I may miraculously remain 29 for the next few years…) I live and work in Oxfordshire for the local constabulary full time as a detective. If you want to know more, ask!

Yes, this is one of my better photos – I’m not likely to put up a pic where I resemble something from the encyclopaedia of beasts …

When I’m not working, I write. For just over a year now I’ve been dabbling with words and creating stories. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and now actively looking to take it to the next level. Oh – I’m also studying part time towards a Humanities degree with a specialism in Classical Studies.

I love reading (what writer doesn’t!!), especially fantasy and science fiction. Some of my favourite authors include Jacqueline Carey, George R R Martin, Fiona McIntosh, Karen Miller, Patrick Rothfuss, Jennifer Fallon, Ilona Andrews, Karen Chance and Trudi Canavan.I can think of hundreds of other authors, but this gives you a general idea 🙂 EG – I’m a fantasy fan!!

As I get into the swing of blogging – I’ll update this with a little more info.

I can be found on Facebook

and various other social networking sites using the above name.


3 responses

  1. Hey fellow fffer,

    Your website looks well put together. Just started mine. I sure wish I knew how to do some of the fancy widgets you’ve done here. Good luck with the OU class! Oh, and keep your self safe out there. My father retired as a police officer. Stay vigilant!

    Wish you the best,

    Ryan Holmes

  2. Hi Sammy. Was enjoying Chaeli on Authonomy so thought I’d check out your blog. V smart! I’ve just started mine and for the first time in my life I haven’t got anything to say!!
    Chuckled at the cat post- vets are worse than bloody dentists. Mine won’t issue more than two repeat prescriptions for my mutt without a £70 check up. Need to start running NHS like that!

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