Book Launch!

It’s official!!! I have a confirmed date for the publication of my novel, In Search of Gods and Heroes.

On the 14th June 2014, at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium¬†8.30pm, I have secured 30 places for friends and family to come and celebrate with me ūüôā (most of you will have received an invite via Facebook, if not, please drop me a line).
Of course, I shall be taking pre-orders (no money taken upfront!) but I’ve been told that there will be a special additional gift for those ordering the paperback prior to release…

Paperback RRP: £9.99 / $16.99

eBook RRP: £2.99 / $4.99
Publisher: Kristell Ink, Grimbold Books.



General Malo enters the mortal world to abduct Chaeli, a young village girl, breaking the treaty between Eternal Kingdom and Underworld and revealing that she is the daughter of one of the guardian gods. Chaeli embarks on a journey which tests her to the limit, accompanied by a knight who died a thousand years ago in the Dragon Wars, a former assassin for the Underworld and a changeling from the world of Salinthos. With all pretence of peace now shattered, the eternal game for dominance and control of the three worlds flares back to life. The stories of many others, the hideously scarred Anya and her gaoler, the enigmatic Kerne, the dissolute Prince Dal and the damned King Stirm, become entwined, and gods once more walk on Ibea, spreading goodness and disease, greed and charity as they prepare for the final war.

In Search of Gods and Heroes, the first of the Children of Nalowyn series, is a sweeping narrative which becomes progressively darker as the baser side of human nature is explored, the vanities of the gods revealed and lines between sensuality and sadism, love and lust are blurred.


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Two Posts In One Day!


Just a short post. I’ve been asked several times who I would like to be cast as Chaeli in ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’¬† – my answer?


Jessica Brown Findlay.

About a year ago, a friend at work who read the first draft told me that she pictured Jessica as Chaeli. I had no idea who she was talking about until I researched her and realised she was an actress in Downton Abbey.

Today, I’ve started to watch Downton Abbey and seen the beautiful Jessica on screen. There’s no doubt, she’s perfect.


I haven’t updated this in ages, I do apologise … Not that I expect many people to care, but those that do read it – I’m sorry!

I’ve been rather busy and my life seems to have been taken over by two things 1) Authonomy and 2) My OU course

Authonomy is the brain child of Harper Collins (HC) and is a website predominantly for  fledgling writers looking to get their work reviewed, read and critiqued by their peers.

I’ve joined, I’ve devoted far far too many hours to the site, but ultimately, I’ve met a cracking bunch of people and actually made some nice friends. Oh the “Alliance of World Builders” how I love you all! ¬†Oh Mr Muir how wonderful you are! You are by far, one of my favourite Scotsmen!

On the forums, a member each week runs a ‘flash fiction’ (FF) competition and last week, the theme was “horror” and “416 words, no more, no less.” – It was a massive hit and there were literally tens of entries. They were so good that they’ve been compiled into an e-book and it’s available free ¬†here …

Please download and enjoy, it doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll be able to revel in the talents of so many writers …

My own little story “Diamonds” is there *blush.* It’s not great – but it’s a bit of fun!

So …. Apart from Authonomy, my time has been spent reading and researching my OU module.

If I’m honest, I think I underestimated just how much time it will take, but I think it’s doable. I basically have one assignment a month to write, but a lot to read.

I’m at the writing stage of my assignment and I’m finding the whole referencing malarky a chore! I appreciate why these things are a must, but seriously …. Arghhhhhhhhh!

Hopefully if work is quieter in the next few days, I can organise my scraps of paper and post-it notes into a comprehensive and thorough report … Yeah right!

I’m not allowed to post on social media or networking sites for help with the course (OU sent an email to everyone, this is apparently a no no) but if any Cleopatra / Antony / Plutarch experts want to offer their views to the way that P viewed C & A’s relationship … I won’t say no!

I’ve also got to compare two pieces of work by ¬†Cezanne and Zurburan respectively.

I’m still finding it difficult to understand what a “picture plane” is – any idea?

Personal life update …

Nothing really to update! My sis had her 18th birthday and is currently in Singapore with her friend. I’m the same healthwise – EG falling apart!

Got to play “Heroquest” the other week with some friends – Oh how I’ve missed RP games!!! I cannot wait to start D&D again!!!

Our tenants have signed for another 6 months, so that’s Coalville house forgotten about until the start of May 2012! Happy times! The central heating system there does need a powerflush though and at ¬£300, it’s going to sting! Got to keep the tenants happy though, they are lovely and we’ve been so lucky with them!

My own central heating system isn’t working either, the RX1 receiver in ¬†the Danfoss thermostat has broken. Only ¬£50 to replace, but got to wait until the end of the month … Socks and jumpers!!!

We finally let “evil cat” out of the house … His name is Riker, but he is called evil cat. All he used to do was pee everywhere and eat. He would glare at humans and never EVER allow us to touch him. He hated being an indoor cat and after 2 1/2 years, we were still at square 1 with him. So we let him out … he’s not come back. I don’t ever expect to see him again …

Part of me is sad, the other part knows that he’ll be much happier outside and in the fields that being in the house with humans.

Running – I’ve not been able to go running for a while. I’ve had strange pains in my hips and lower back, I know it sounds like an excuse, but it really isn’t! I’ve subbed walking for running though and started walking to work as well as walking back from work. A good 3 miles total at least.

I’d like to shift some more weight before Christmas, but I don’t know if I have the willpower. I’ve turned into a chocoholic recently and practically drool over the thought of a wispa … It’s pathetic. I’m pathetic. I’m sorry.

Christmas, hmmmm …. That’s not far away either! We’ve set a strict budget this year and we’re only buying for those we really care about. I’ve not spoken to my mum and that side of the family all year, so I doubt I’ll bother getting them anything this year. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s just that it seems like a waste.

I don’t know what to get the husband for Christmas. 2009 he had a surprise trip to NY and a camcorder. 2010 a new Xbox 360 and kinect, 2011 …??? Probably a clementine and some socks. I’m so poor this year it’s unbelievable! Damn you overtime cuts! Damn you expensive OU!! Damn you alll!!!!