Why Books Are Abandoned

Goodreads asked their members the questions, and then made up this pretty picture with the results. Quite interesting I think. Some food for thought.


Two Posts In One Day!


Just a short post. I’ve been asked several times who I would like to be cast as Chaeli in ‘In Search of Gods and Heroes’  – my answer?


Jessica Brown Findlay.

About a year ago, a friend at work who read the first draft told me that she pictured Jessica as Chaeli. I had no idea who she was talking about until I researched her and realised she was an actress in Downton Abbey.

Today, I’ve started to watch Downton Abbey and seen the beautiful Jessica on screen. There’s no doubt, she’s perfect.

Lost My Book Mojo

This is serious. I’ve misplaced my magic. Both with reading and writing.

Over the last few months I’ve purchased around twenty books (mixture of self published and traditionally published) and I’ve barely managed to get past the first few chapters. I just can’t seem to strum up the ‘oomf’ needed to push beyond mediocre and cliched beginnings.
I never used to have this problem, but after a year of working with someone who (to put it nicely) is finely tuned into the world of publishing, I now notice average and ‘meh’ work a mile off.
Please don’t for a second think I’m placing myself above many authors, I’m really not. I’m just having a whine.

I’m sure it’s a phase… it will pass… Oh, and I do have some good book reviews planned. For instance, I rather loved The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern; and I have been lucky enough to read some promising submissions on behalf of Kristell Ink – so all is not lost.

With writing I’ve been so busy working full-time, DIYing and then working on other business jobs that my projects have been neglected. I have 101 ideas running through my mind and so very little time to get them all down on paper!

There is light at the end of the tunnel though… Mid-March time I hope to be back in the writing chair and working on book 2 of the Children of Nalowyn series: A Time of Faith and Lies.

And then there’s something special planned, a collaboration of sorts, with Ken Dawson